Sell/Transfer start place


A registration for Göteborgsvarvet is binding and the registration fee paid is not refunded , but you can sell/transfer your starting place to another runner who wants to participate instead.

1. Find a person who is interested in buying your starting place.
2. Log in to My pages
3. Click on "Show all registrations".
4. Click on "Göteborgsvarvet 2023"
5. Click on "Transfer"
6. Enter the buyer's email address and click "Next"
7. An email with a value code is sent to the buyer.

The buyer registers, and in the last step, registrate the value code. The registration fee is then changed to 250 SEK, and the transfer is completed when the payment is made and a participant confirmation will be sent by email.

Last day to sell your starting place is seven days before the race.

If you want to transfer your registration to someone else you must have (or create) an account at "My pages"

If you don´t have a swedish id-number
When you have create an account, send an email to info@goteborgsvarvet.se and we will connect your registration to your account, then you are able to log in and transfer the start place to someone else.

Please note that it is not allowed to run in someone else's starting place without making a transfer.