I can not log on to My pages

  • It probably depends on that you have not created an account on my pages. You may easily create an account by pressing the button “create account” at the log in page at "My pages" and then follow the instructions. 
  • You may have run with us before but at that moment did not create an account.
  • You may have changed your email address since you created your account, and that is why you don’t get a restoration email. Send an email to info@goteborgsvarvet.se and we will update your email address at your account.

If it’s still not working please contact us by email on info@goteborgsvarvet.se and we will help you as much as possible.

If you can log in to My pages but not are able to see your registration send us an email to info@goteborgsvarvet.se and we will connect your registration to your account.

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